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Fight processes that squeezes the life out of your business Process Management Consulting

Mummy offers Business Process Improvement (BPI) practice that employs a systematic approach for helping you to change your business.

Mummy follows a two-pronged strategy to achieve this:
• Understand how your company's key processes align with the company strategy.
• Analyze business processes to learn how each process is being enabled by your current system. Armed with this knowledge, our BPI experts design new processes that enable you to operate efficiently and maximize value. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are benchmarked to track and provide measurable results, and sustained improvements.

The BPI Methodology consists of five major steps each having procedures, inputs and outputs • Assessment
• Defining Solutions
• Prototyping Solutions
• Implementation
• Continuous Improvement

BPI is a major project that will transform every aspect of your organization. With a PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology that tracks the project budget and schedule, communicates status throughout the organization, and controls project changes and scope, you always stay ahead of the curve.

So whether you are formulating a new organizational unit / business function or trying to change the way the organization works, Our BPI methodology will aid you to transform your organization.

Fight processes that squeezes the life out of your business. Stay ahead with Mummy's Business Process Improvement Methodology.

Cloud Advisory Services

The primary reason why companies both big and small are taking advantage of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications delivered on the 'cloud', is that it offers several advantages over the traditional delivery models. The Cloud helps remove most of the location-dependent anxiety that gets in the way of communication, collaboration, and trading. Traditionally, software used to be delivered in boxes, and had to be installed in the same building as the people that used it. The web removes these constraints, enabling cloud technology, which in turn becomes the basis for innovative ways of interacting and doing business. Eventually, these services assures to cut your capital costs & operating costs, allowing your IT department to focus on strategic projects, rather than keeping the datacenter running. The transformation to a cloud environment is a significant change for the organization and has got tremendous impact on the way IT setup offer their services to users.

Mummy, being the provider of planet's first ERP on Cloud completely understands the anxiety & apprehensions of the organizations to adopt to cloud technology and with our team of experts enable your organization to move onto the cloud. Mummy's Cloud Advisory Services will enable your organization to develop an overall Cloud Computing strategy, a detailed cost-benefit analysis and a road map for enterprise-wide implementation considering
• Strategic planning of fiscal outflow
• Assessment for the need to have private/ Public / Hybrid cloud
• Address the vulnerability concerns while getting on to Cloud
• Adequate manpower training with skills required to implement cloud solutions
• Provide a comprehensive migration strategy to ensure business continuity, higher support levels and cost reduction

Information Management consulting

How do you manage the big data that is available across the organization? How do you integrate with your customer database? How do you plan for maintenance of legacy data? How do you migrate the data to a new platform?

Mummy's Information Management consulting will provide the answers for above questions. Using the state of the art business analytics tool 'Mummy Decision Works'. We can provide solution for
• Operational Business Intelligence
• Master Data Management (MDM)
• Data Warehousing
• Corporate Performance Management
• Conformance Management with GRC Framework
• Enterprise Decision Management
• Technology Landscaping & Portfolio Analysis
• Legacy Migration services

Mummy provides a structured maturity model for building an Intelligent Enterprise, which continuously enhances the capabilities of the organization to collect, analyze and decide on Intelligence, resulting in improved organization performance.

Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure is the backbone of information flow in any organization. There are lot of challenges to create and maintain resilient IT infrastructure.
Mummy Infrastructure consultancy team provides you with comprehensive and robust solutions for end-to-end infrastructure needs of your organization. The consultancy focuses on cost reduction, resource optimization, Provisioning for new system requirements based on your strategies & business objectives.

Process Improvement & Quality Advisory

Quality is the backbone of business. Industries today are struggling to improve the quality of offerings and enhance customer experience. To be competetive, they need to adopt several quality standards and get certified.

As a company obsessed with quality, Mummy undertakes consultancy on the quality management.

Our offerings cover the entire gamut of quality management starting from determining the right certification, planning for certification, quality process orientation, quality process implementation, internal audit mechanisms, external audit management and certification process guidance and surveillance procedures.

We provide our consultancy for ISO certifications, SEI – CMM certification and regular quality process in case the organization doesn't want to go in for certifications.


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