Production planning is the planning of production and manufacturing processes in a company or industry. It utilizes the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity, in order to serve different customers. Its main objective is to ensure right quantity and quality of raw material, equipment etc. is available during times of production and to ensure capacity utilization is in tune with forecast demand at all the time. MuMMy's manufacturing capabilities enable organizations to run their manufacturing operations efficiently. From sales order to work order processing, routing and scheduling, to order fulfillment and product costing, MuMMy's manufacturing software provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make better-informed decisions. Get your products to market quickly and cost-effectively anywhere with an end-to-end MuMMy's manufacturing solution.
PRODUCTION Presentation

Production Features

  • Demand Planning
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Mfg. Cost Control
  • Lot and Serial Control
  • Multi division solutions
  • Bill of material
  • Shop Floor Stock in Hand
  • Shop Floor Stock Valuation
  • Machine Wise Production
  • Dept. Performance
  • In time delivery
  • Scrap Management

Production Benefits

  • Schedule, dispatch and track
  • Comprehensive real time view
  • Better timing budgeting & less human error
  • WIP Inventory tracking
  • Work order management
  • Product history tracking


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