MSC is committed to provide its client a competitive edge through creative combination of human resources and state of art technology. Our mission has been summarized as::

  • Simplification
    To simplify IT systems and business operations by consolidating the information and speedy delivery of information.
  • Standardization
    Make all the IT components compatible and standardize the system so as the enable to concern to have lower costs of implementation, maintenance, upgrades and training.
  • Automation
    To provide the higher level of automation so as to improve operational efficiency with technology and best practices.
  • Education & Training
    To educate and train our customer to effectively use ERP and thereby gain control of task.
  • Distributor & Dealership
    To provide dealership and distribution of our solutions

Vision and Perspective

Our future vision is to make all applications run in mobile and special devices and make portable, robust, bug free and give great customer satisfaction. We visualize the next world is not only for desktop and laptops but also the mobile also those that are running on Android , IOS & Windows platform. As more and more persons in the near future will go for mobile, our company decided to work on Mobile and web application. ERP & Critical Information should be provide to These application can be run anywhere in world using your mobile giving all kinds of reporting and synchronize with the desktop. Soon we are planning to lunch MuMMy Mobile Apps for ERP and CRM for the Android , IOS & Windows mobile users.

We feel now a days ERP(from other vendors) is very costly & hard to implement . we vision it should be very cheeper & effective , It cost should be reduced as mobile of one person. Effectinos should same like Mobile Operator Companies.

We look forward to see our company ranking among one of the top IT industry in the country. And we plan to expand our company with minimum of one office or distributor in every city of every state in India and also good export of software in various countries. We are visioning our company turn over 100 Crore + by 2018.

Just Money is not the motive of our CEO he also wants to build a good society. He is not too happy by the current system of Indian Economy, Education System, Hospitality, and Administration etc. India is injured by too many curses like
Theft, Robbery & Terror
Huge population
Inflation etc.

He wants to remove this entire curse for India and the world. According to him there is only one way to remove these and all that is Education. Only Education can remove Poverty, illiterateness, Corruption, Theft, Robbery and Terror, Population, Inflation etc. Already Computer Center is running for this purpose at very cost low charges. But till now he is not satisfied by it. He wants to run Computer Center's in whole over India, in every state, every city at minimum costs like Free but not totally free. Even He is ready to go in politics for this reason after a good establishment of his Business.

We are not satisfy with our current education system. We want to change it & contribute to this sector . because Education system is back bone of our Country & all system is depend on it. We will take solid step for it soon.


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